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We are dedicated to providing the most effective lighting and controls solutions for your project. From single-family residential developments to large-scale commercial and industrial buildings, our knowledgeable team can assist in your lighting design and help bring your project to fruition.

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Lighting Design Lighting Design Assistance & Fixture Selection We evaluate the project design intent and work with stakeholders and designers to come up with an optimal lighting design that fits the Owner’s vision using best practices for fixture placement and illumination design. Specifications Specifications and Plans Once an overall lighting design strategy has been identified, we will finalize fixture selections and write final lighting specifications for use in project documents. Schematic ceiling plans can be provided to aid designers in completing construction drawings, followed by fixture submittals. Photometrics Photometric Lighting Layouts Interior and exterior photometric layouts provide point-by-point analysis of light levels. This is a crucial step to verify proper illumination in a space and serves as a way to prove out our lighting design and specifications. Visualizations Visualizations PLS can provide visual representations of our photometric layouts through 3D renderings. These serve an important role in illustrating how a space will look and feel. Budgeting Project Budgeting At PLS, we know the importance of finding the perfect lighting solution that fits within budget. We get it right the first time. Thanks to our collaborative approach, we understand the true impact of lighting and are able to provide packages that satisfy both design intent and budget realities.

And if a lighting budget isn’t yet established, we can help with that too!
Energy Audits Energy Audits & ROI Analysis Upgrading existing facilities from legacy lighting systems to today's energy-saving LEDs can seem daunting. With our energy audits and ROI analysis programs, we can demonstrate how affordable and profitable upgrading can be. Learn more...

We'll crunch the numbers and let the dollars and cents do the talking!
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